Our Electrical Services in Geelong

Electrical Installation in Geelong by Mr Electric Electrician Geelong

Electrical Installations in Geelong

Electrical installations can be a hassle, which is why you can count on Mr. Electric Geelong to get the job done right the first time! Our expert electricians in Geelong can handle any electrical installation from EV Charger Installations to Solar Energy Systems. Call Mr. Electric Geelong today to learn more about the additional installation services we offer or to schedule your next appointment!

Electrical Lighting Services in Geelong

Looking to brighten up your home? Need a new and creative idea for accenting your landscaping? Give Mr. Electric Geelong a call today for all of your lighting needs! Our licensed electricians are here to help you put the finishing touches on your home or business. We offer specialty lighting, holiday lighting, and recessed lighting just to name a few! Give us a call today and let us work for you!

Electrical Safety check by Mr Electric Electrician Geelong

Electrical Safety Services in Geelong

Electrical Safety is our biggest concern at Mr. Electric®. Our Geelong electricians are here to help make sure your home or business is as safe as it can be. Our expert local electricians can help you with childproofing outlets, whole house surge protectors, electrical wiring upgrades, and electrical safety inspections, just to name a few. Check at our additional services, for your home and business!

Electrical Testing by Mr.Electric Electrician Geelong

Electrical Test & Tag Services in Geelong

Each year hundreds of lives are saved due to timely testing and tagging of electrical equipment. As part of our Testing and Tagging services in Geelong our local electricians will inspect and test all in service electrical equipment for personal safety. This not only helps in saving lives, but also can reduce the risk of lengthy insurance claims in the event of a tragedy.